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The Farmers buffet 

eat in or take -out

Our Kitchen Team is proud to utilize all of the bounty of our farm and other's in our area to prepare a daily feast for your family and friends in Tupper Lake!  Please show your support of their efforts by coming often and arriving hungry. You will be rewarded with fresh from the farm salads, entrees, bread, charcuterie, roasts, soups and more. We hope you enjoy your meal, and ask that you please spread the good word of our desire to provide only the most wholesome and delicious food in the Adirondacks. 

- Cherie and Daniel Whitten

LIGHT FARE: Served Monday-WEDNESDAY       11am-6pm  and whenever we are open                        
Hot offerings include- vegetarian, carnivorous, and gluten free Lite fare
deli and tossed salads plus sandwiches
SERVED A LA CARTE to go with seating provided

LUNCH & Dinner Buffet: Served thursday-Saturday 11-9PM                                                                   
full dinner buffet with Hot offerings from the farm...
plus salad bar, chili, ultimate nachos, breads, soup, etc...
often featuring local musicians and family entertainment

Sunday Brunch & tupper lupper buffet: served from 9am- 7pm                      
Creative Breakfast and lunch offerings with salad bar made fresh from available local ingredients!
(Lupper is Lunch/Supper)

Our market is open daily, and additionally offers grab 'n Go daily specials, real food bar with fresh salads, sandwiches, soups, chili, local organic frozen smoothies, local organic kombucha, tea, and our healthy raw food bar!

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