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Tupper Lake Olde Thyme Childrens’ Days
at The Tupper Lake Farmers Market

Friday August 20

3 pm    Scavenger Hunt Instructions and Entries available

                Zucchini Race Entries open and construction materials available

3:30      Watermelon Eating Contest

4 pm    Rustic Riders Live Music 4 – 6 pm – Songs the children can participate in

5pm      Egg Toss Competition and Corn Shucking Contest

5pm      Farm Harvest Buffet 5 – 7pm $10 adult $6 child

6pm      Field, Chess & Board Games Continue


Saturday August 21

11 am     Zucchini Race Construction Workshop

noon     Farm Harvest Buffet $10 adult $6 child

1  pm      Field Games: Egg n spoon, water pass, 3 legged race, Sack Race – Prizes

2 pm      Pie Eating Contest – No Hands Allowed!

3 pm      Zucchini Races Begin

3:30        Great Zucchini Cook Off entries due

4 pm      Public Sampling and Judging of Zucchini Cook Off

5 pm      Awards Presentation

Sunday August 22

9am -on…  Brunch Buffet

3pm       Homeschool Information Sharing Session

Scavenger Hunt can be done at any time between 3 pm Friday and 3 pm Saturday

Watermelon Eating Contest: Most watermelon eaten by weight of melon less rind remaining in a 5 minute period Judged by age category

Pie Eating Contest: The participants will stand or sit with their hands behind their back. There will be an age appropriate piece or full pie in front of them. They may not use their hands, or any other part of their body to get the pie into their mouth. The first to finish wins.  Asking a $2 entry fee.  $20 prize awarded in each age category, age division tbd.

Zucchini Races: Are you ready for some fast food? Are you ready to SQUASH the competition?  Ladies & Gentlemen Start your Squashes! - Build your own Squash Car between 3pm Friday and 3pm Saturday and race it down a ramp.  Axles must travel through the squash.  There are squash weight restrictions by age category.  Each lane on the track is 12" wide.  Race will be run as best 2 out of 3.  Prizes for fastest, and best design by age category.  Suggested donation for building materials $5

Great Zucchini Cook Off: Entries must be received by 3:30 pm for judging at 4 pm

                        2 - CASSEROLES and MAIN DISHES;

                        3 - BREADS and DESSERTS
Please Note that ALL Entries Will be Served! Please LABEL Your Dish or Place in a Throwaway.  Entry must include a recipe. Name must be hidden on bottom of dish.
$50 gift certificate Award for both over 16 and under 16 years old in each category

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Sponsored in part by Explore Adirondack Frontier

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