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Solutions to this two-party nightmare
Ballot Access - Election Integrity & Reform

At The ADK Food Hub May 4th: Solutions to this two-party nightmare - Join in a search for solutions to the stranglehold of the two-party system.  Topics under discussion will be ballot access (10am), election integrity (noon), and election reform (2pm).  Petitions to place Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the NY ballot will be available to sign all day and are available for those who wish to learn how to circulate them.  Organic farm to table buffet and live folk music by Richard Hayes Phillips 6-8:30pm.

We Source from Small Local Farms Growing Ethically, using  Organic  Principles!
A Big Thank You! To all our Local Farmers, Aggregators, Processors and Distributors 

Grandma's Grassfed Acres - Harvest Hill Farm - Hub on the Hill - Jacob Hershberger - Joe Yoder - Luke Martin - Peter Martin - Maple Hill Creamery - Martin's Farmstand - Mosie Keim - North Country Creamery - Blue Pepper Farm - North Country Growers Cooperative - Regional Access - Tri Town Packing - Village Veggies - Whitten Family Farm

Cedar Hedge Farm - Black River Valley Naturals

Tupper Lake Farmers Market Friday afternoons 2 - 5 pm
Live acoustic Music on most weekends
Puppet Stories weekly
Casual Affordable Farmer Owned Farm to Table Salad Bar and Buffet 11am-7 pm Memorial Day to Thanksgiving

Friday Oct 12 - 6:30                  

Book & Poetry Reading

Set to Music - Epic Poem - "Lost History of Stolen Children"

Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D., will read and sing from his epic poem, "Lost History of Stolen Children," kidnapped from England, Scotland, Ireland and Massachusetts and sold into slavery in seventeenth century Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.

The subject is dear to his heart, as he is descended from two generations of Scottish slaves.

He has researched the subject for fourteen years, on a journey that has taken him to Dublin, Edinburgh, Whitehaven, Bristol, Exeter, Boston, Annapolis, Richmond, and the Library of Congress.

He has published three historical reference books on white slave children, identifying more than five thousand by name, tracing their ancestry, and searching for survivors.

Being a songwriter in the Scots-Irish tradition, he has the skills to tell the story in the form of lyric poetry, as it might have been told in centuries past if the details had been known.

The poem is not yet complete, so questions and suggestions will be welcome.


















320 Park Street

Tupper Lake, NY 12986


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Events at The Hub:

Local Foods Weekend

Supper in Tupper with Farm Fresh Ingredients

 Sunday Sept 11th 2022 4:30- 7:30

meet your farmers

Live acoustic folk music

discussion on local food in the local economy to follow meal

Serving: Pastured Pork, Grass-Fed Beef,

              Herbed Potatoes, Homemade Spelt & Multigrain Bread
Garden Goodies: Marinara Sauce, Roast Veggies, Garden Salad, 
Kale Salad,                    Tomato & Cucumber Salad and Spinach, Beet & Feta Salad
Dessert: Apple Crisp, Pumpkin Custard, GF Carrot Cake, Waldorf Salad

$35 per adult ~ $6 per child under 12

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